{ REVIEW } BRaun Face Epilator & Cleanser 810

I am a low-fuss person when it comes to taking care of my skin. Not because I have a problem free skin , but because its extremely demanding. The combination acne prone skin is the most tricky one to take care of. Over the years, I have shortlisted the products that keep my skin sane.

In short, I need a moisturizer, cleanser and BB cream to take me through the day. The more I experiment with skin masks/toners etc, the more it acts up.

When I came across the Braun face epilator, I was resistant. I just felt this product might not be something I can incorporate in my regime for 2 reasons: 1. I have the fear of a anything that stings/pains. 2. I wasn't sure if pore-cleansing with a brush would please my acne prone skin.

However, the Braun team, just said one thing- Try it. You might be surprised. So , there I was holding the product with all inhibitions and least hopeful of it doing any wonders .But then, to make myself at ease, just like you are reading this review, I went on to read all beauty blogs that have tried this product. The reviews were positive and I now felt prepared to give this a shot.

Beauty is skin deep. And as Jessica Alba, Braun Beauty ambassador puts it- Braun face gives women the confidence & freedom to either wear makeup or not. So lets see, how this product got close to its claims!

First Look:

1. Lightweight ,Sleek and travel-friendly ( 340gm )
2. Good grip
3. Swapping the cleansing head with the epilator head slightly tricky as its a no-twist mechanism where you directly pull the heads to swap.
4. The brush bristles are silky soft 
5. Looks very chic, kind of justifying the price tag. ( MRP: 4900, Available online on Amazon at INR 3999)

First use: Cleansing

1. I used a face wash on my face and then used the cleansing option for about 5 minutes.
2. The vibrations are very minor and you dont even hear the motor spinning the cleansing head
3. The brush is very gentle on the face unlike how you might think looking at the pictures here
4. The face feels fresh and clean post usage
5. No irritation was felt post cleasing and I can easily use this thrice in a week, or maybe daily in summers.
6. I will post my experience after continuous use in a few days.

First use: Epilator

1. This epilator is meant for the face, but I am such a chicken. I have never used any products to pull hair from my face. Yes, I dont even do my eyebrows, thanks to my genes, I dont need to. So how did I test the epilator you ask?

Well, I used it on the fine hairs on my fingers. The epilator head can move in two directions, clockwise and anticlockwise and you get the hang of it once you notice the direction of the hair against which you need to run the epilator. Each pull feels like a quick sting , but no pain thereafter.
You might feel a little tenderness at the spot but within minutes , that feeling is gone. And what precision! Much better than a razor for such fine hair.

I stayed hair-free for 2 weeks and saw very little growth in the 3rd week.

Verdict: And yes, I dont call it the final verdict because I am still using the cleansing brush and need to be more regular with it. So yes, to remove makeup, impurities , from the skin, this cleansing option technically does a better job than regular cleansing with your hands.

The epilator certainly will surprise you with its ease of use and results. Its a win-win situation as both attachments are extremely useful and do their job well. I still feel the price tag of 4900, might be a little steep for the Indian market. The cleansing brush needs to be replaced every 3 months as recommended however, I couldnt find refills in the market, so I will be checking with Braun on this. This Face 810 is certainly a keeper and takes grooming to another level of ease! You must give it a go!

Till next time, CIAO


  1. Hey Ila, that's an interesting product to try! How does it fare on regular usage... Would it rob the skin of its natural oils? Combination skin is tedious to take care of.

  2. Hey Ila, that's an interesting product to try! How does it fare on regular usage... Would it rob the skin of its natural oils? Combination skin is tedious to take care of.

    1. Hey Surabhi. This is perfect for daily usage if need be. Just 1 min on the face is enough unless you may have excessive makeup on special days . Doesn't dry the skin! You must try!

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  6. Do you have any review on epilator for legs? i want to buy one, reading some reviews before buying.


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