A Fantastico Getaway in the ZICA!

Hola Guys!

First of all thanks for enjoying virtually on twitter as much as I enjoyed my drive with fellow bloggers in the Fantastico ZICA!

This time , it was unlike any other! The excitement was at a different level since Messi was announced as the brand ambassador! The car had to have an edge. And yes, you need not be a driver really to understand if the car can live up to your expectations! Let me tell you how!

My favorite trips in my car are to the mall ( Need I say that :P) While I sit next to Nik, I always like to have as many slots for all my things as much as he would like. At times , we fight over whose bottle gets to stay in which slot ( apparently our little car has 2 different slot sizes so only one of our bottle fits!) . And as always, Nik collects the parking ticket which mysteriously vanishes from his wallet each time!  And ofcourse, when parents are home, they have to keep the water bottles in a bag behind or we have to keep passing those from the front!When it comes to music, the driver should like the music or he might be demotivated on long drives :P
Forget it when the music taste is completely opposite if the backseat is full! And, dont even get me started when I tirelessly hold my phone with Google Maps on it , whenever we are out on a secret trail!

Little things, but who thought , all this can change for the better! Let me begin:

1. The Zica has space for 5Litres of liquid or 7 bottle slots including at the backseat!
2. It has a parking ticket slot near the steering! Beat that!
3. It has a IPAD/tablet slot
4. It has an app for music sharing so that all passengers can queue songs each from their phone , so its a family jukebox !!!
5. There is a navigation system , which guides you ( Voice) while you drive and its amazingly accurate! If you are listening to music and you need to take a diversion, the navigation voice takes over. If you are getting a call, the call takes over! Priorities, check!

These are the top 5 things , I like about the ZICA , that sets it apart from a user experience perspective. The internet is full with all things technical , and you can succumb to all the world class goodness this car is made of. This car is modern , stylish and unlike any other car from TATA.

Thanks to our twitter fans, it was fun doing some LIVE tasks during the 2.5 hours drive around GOA. I recorded some real fun videos of friendly. Here's a little photo/video story ! The car will be officially launched in 2016, Till then , feast your eyes on the ZICA here 😬 while I relive once again the wonderful weekend we had at the luxurious ALila Diwa Goa! More funny videos coming in 2 days, so come back here!  As always , indiblogger nails yet another blogger soiree!
Till , next time, CIAO!

1. Touch down Alila Diwa Goa
2. The breathtaking infinity pool made us wanting to take a quick dip
3. The gorgeous room and the bath was luxurious

4. Lunch followed by a quick trip to the beach and some games 
5. Team Tata surprises us with a private locker room each. And a cute kit complete with a number 10 Messi Tee & a bottle

6. A mysterious door opened like sesame revealing the fantastico vehicle! The color is so attractive , isn't it?
7. Mandatory posing with the car! I totally nailed the reporter wala look complete with my scarf ! And glad I met my blog reader Shilpa who clicked this one for me !
8. The car reveal led to a karaoke night with yummy delicacies and old songs that made us so nostalgic ! The karaoke singer at Alila is amaxongly talented! 

9. It was a long day and I prepared myself for the long trip in the zica the other day with a warm bubble bath ! Ee how I loved it!

10. Inside the zica with the fantastico team D8!
And here come all an the crazy tasks!


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