Beach behavior: 3 TRENDS that never fail

Miami Beach is where neon goes to die.

Hey guys!
Sorry for the long wait but before you made your beach-vacation plans ,here I am with the post
on beachwear. Our very own land , our very own crazy GOA . I have been here thrice this year
 after I broke the jinx of umpteen failed plans & visited Goa for the first time in Feb 2013! I have
 fallen in love with this trance-nation and there is no coming back!

If you are in India & you are in Goa, you can definitely go bold with a bikini .Especially in North
 Goa, where you find more foreigners than Indians. However the safest stylish beachwear on the
 Indian shores are Kaftans, shorts & sun-dresses .

Beach behavior

Here is a break-up of what I am wearing. Except the flip-flops all items I wore are shown here.
These are my 3 favorite trends which will never go wrong on a beach.Try them and tell me how they work for you!


Overly used and worn since 2013 , neons look amazing in beach-wear including swimwear. Its because the sunlight does special mercy on neons at the beaches.


For a carefree movement,its better to go accessory-free on beaches however, if you would like to spruce up your photos stick to chunky floral headbands, bandanas and chunky handcuffs or neck-pieces.


A beach represents fluidity, grace and infinity. Become one with the elements by embracing all those flowy garments : Kaftans, maxi dresses & sun-dresses.

Above all don't forget your sunscreen. I use Neutrogena Ultrasheer. You can read the complete review here.

Skull embellished top,ONLY| Jacquard shorts,glares, FOREVER21| Buffalo neckpiece,ZARA

I'm a beach-behaved girl. Are you ? :P


  1. Smoking hot!!!! Somebody please call the fire brigade

    1. Hehe...your comments always bring a smile, rather a grin on my face :D

  2. Have I told you how chic this look it. You somehow found the perfect balance of classy & sexy.
    ❤ Amena.
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  3. hello
    nice article
    thanks for sharing


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