Product Review: Neutrogena UltraSheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 50+

This is my first product review.
I am not very fond of doing reviews.But there are times when i come across products which surprise me (in a good or bad way) and it wouldn't be fair if i don't share them with you.
So here it is.
I have tried quite a few sunscreens from the pharmacy till date including those from Ranbaxy.
But i never fell in love with a sunscreen.
I likea day cream though from Olay which has an spf 15 but then it is not a complete sunscreen.

My skin is extremely acne-prone and yes, oily.So a sunscreen has to control the sweat factor in my case.

My dermatologist prescribed me this sunscreen.
Yet another sunscreen which will go unused- i thought to myself!
I have a record of not using my sunscreens till the bottom.
The price tag was also a bit shocking.

My take on the Neutrogena UltraSheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 50+ 88 ml:

1) Packaging- elegant.The tube material feels apt for the price. 
2) Fragrance- It is the only sunscreen with a  mild floral fragrance that makes you want it last               forever.Doesn't smell like a traditional sunscreen at all.yayyyyyy :)

3)Texture- It looks creamy when you take it in your palm , the moment you apply it into your skin, it vanishes like water. It gives your skin a lightweight ,dewy- matte finish. Sounds like wonder- doesn't it?!
Moreover, most sunscreens leave a whitish film on your face as they blend with a lot of difficulty.
Neutrogena doesn't leave a trace.It gives your skin a natural glow.
Especially dark complexions like mine, struggle more  with that 'white-film' phenomenon, but Neutrogena solves this problem as well!

I have been using this for the last one month and i have already started wishing Neutrogena never discontinues this product ever!
This product not only satisfies your need for a good daily sunscreen ,but it stuns!

As for the sun protection, i think it is a long term process.Though i did notice that my tanning was not as severe as it would be without a sunscreen or with any other drugstore sunscreen.
So thumbs up for that.

Sizes :   1)   88ml for Rs.450  (old stock),  Rs.500 (new stock)
             2)  30 ml for Rs.150

Availability: Most pharmacy shops.
                     Also available online through Neutrogena India website with free shipping! 

Within a week of my first purchase i went on to buy a mini 30 ml tube as my purse must-have.
Always remember that a sunscreen fades with sweat , so you need to reapply if you sweat like a pig :)
The small tube totally comes handy if you need to carry it in your purse.

To top it all , Neutrogena ran a contest on Facebook where i won a pack of this sunscreen .Feels like its God-sent :)
Can't be happier!
My only request to neutrogena will be to make it more affordable in the course of time!
Time for the victory dance- I have found MY HG(holy-grail) SUNSCREEN :)

P.S No photos of this sunscreen right now, as my borrowed camera is not with me :)
Might update photos on request later.             


  1. Will definitely try it! Even though it's a bit high priced but a good sunscreen is absolutely necessary during hot summers!

  2. This is a really good review, you did an amazing job!

  3. Thanks @chpdzn.
    Thanks @Tereza :)

  4. Is this recommended for sportsperson as well, specially the swimmers?


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