My love affair with florals- 2006

The year - 2006
Profession- Student ( IIIrd yr B.E)
Hobbies  - Hunting for stylish clothes at throwaway prices in the wonder city called -Nanded( Maharashtra)

I'm super-excited to share my outfit photos from the year 2006. I spent four years of my life in this town called Nanded where i completed my graduation.
4 years of washing my own clothes in the hostel at 3 a.m in the night.Why ?
There were only 3 bathrooms between 40 people !!! Hehe. Sounds fun doesn't it?!

More about my hostel days later.I loved to collect colorful clothes back then in 2006.Feels dated,eh?
What you will see is that i give accessories a complete miss ;the complete focus is on the dress,footwear and my favorite black sports watch .

Here are my favorite trends:

# 1

 Give blue jeans a break.Look for earthy shades with a slight flare!
Ditch the Tees.Go for Flutter wrap blouses.Umm...a big word.
The blouse i'm wearing here is a wrap blouse with flutters at the bottom.
Femininity at its peak!


Denim capris are fun.How about trying them in shades other than black /blue?
Another Floral blouse which is supposed to be off-shoulders :)
Peep-toes get an airy twist with their strappy cousin and vertical slits.

Halter neck black & white floral dress.
Give a break to the good old LBD
Its the LBWD :)

Exaggeration is the king!
Oversized sleeves were big besides a distracting V-cut blouse
White was my favorite even then.I loved my white sandals from BATA :)

I didn't even spare my lounge wear from florals :)
Top, pyjama and the roses .Picture Perfect!

1960 ish 

The flutter wrap blouse in a vintage close-up

Thanks for reading till the end.Hope you enjoyed my Rewind 2006.
All these photos were clicked by a Nokia phone with a 2MP camera,courtesy my
friend Kani in front of the girls hostel .

Till next time, bye byes and lots of love!
P.S Your comments are most awaited .



  1. I like the pink floral tank top.
    And yes the floral dress too.

    But oh boy your nail paint :p PHEW!

    Good post btw ;)

  2. I love the pink floral top/capris look..very summer!

  3. @Apurva...Thanks.
    I was just going through an old folder and thought of sharing it.
    And my Nailpaint - oh yeah :P It was my favorite Metallic sea green from Elle 18 .Hehe

  4. @sharon. Thanks girl.
    That top is still lying in my closet.
    And its lovely but synthetic.
    Too bad for Mumbai weather!

  5. A guy's perspective.
    Thank you @Rohit.
    This certainly counts :)

  6. All the pics were awesome.
    I liked the halter neck one and v-cut blouse with oversized sleeves.
    The floral dress was good:-)

    but must say u need to have a good figure to carry these off well and u surely have 1:-)


  7. @Rakshita. Thanks dear :)
    I'm flattered !
    But this was 6 years back .hehe
    And hey,
    You need to be signed in to your gmail account to comment here, so that next time it doesnt show 'unkown' :)

  8. Made us remember how we dressed that time! Kind of similar! :D

  9. @chp_dzn, really?
    nice to know :)
    those were the days...hehe

  10. Hi... awesome clicks... big fan of the oversized sleeves.. my fav... love the floral dress... really pretty... Floral prints and summer... hmmmmm...

  11. @Rancy ,glad u liked them :)
    I had two of those oversized sleeve tops that time.The other was in Black and it was so overwhelmingly oversized that i would look like a Bat- as if i will start flapping my wings & fly...hehe...I wore it till it tore!!!

  12. thanks SkullsBonesAndLoveOfFashion...whoa...thats a big name :)

  13. WOW..!! It is lovable florals look which is match to every flower same like you. Nice stuff and keep and continue affair with florals or flower.

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