Fun and frill-ic

Its not really a shorter skirt, i just have long legs
- Anna Kournikova

 Its summer! Its hot! 
If you ask me why i bought the skirt featured here- its none of the above reasons!

Its the Frill and the oriental Floral print (ofcourse ) that made me pick this skirt right into the trial room and then to the
Payment counter :)
The colors are vintage- like an old sheet of paper, painted with organic colors .
These are the prints i can carry all year long and happily so.

There was a time when mini skirts were all the rage.They still are, but are replaced with their more comfortable
cousin , the divided skirts.
As little girls each one of us has played in frilly frocks and socks.
And this skirt just reminded me of those days.
This one exudes a fun and flirty vibe.

Summers anyways call for more airy dresses and i am wanting to do more such posts but for the lack of a camera.
I thought i would share this shoot which was done last July.

Since it summer, i teamed it with a full sleeves cotton tunic tucked inside .
Not only to save my hands from a tan but also to add a little sophistication to the whole look.

You can make it more casual by teaming it with a bright red tank top or even a tube top if you are conmfortable with it, 
but that should essentially be indoors or the sun will do you wonders!!!

A delicate floral necklace is added to further up the sophistication quotient!
In a casual day wear you can team it with scarves in solids or simple pendants in gold or candy colors like red & pink .
The choice of a bag can create a variation in the look.A leather bag makes it look classy while a cream colored side sling makes it look a bit carefree.

So which is your favorite Frill piece/skirt  that you own?

                                          Skirt- Madame, Ring,Bangles- Colaba, Floral gold neckpiece- Ebay, HK
Photographer: Apurva


  1. Cute skirt and bag!

  2. loved d skirt....n d cutiepie necklace.....!!!
    u have something wid florals dont u???

  3. @Polly, I'm glad you liked it :)

  4. @Ladyfairy Closet.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Would like to see you here more often :)

  5. @Ladyfairy Closet.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Would like to see you here more often :)

  6. @Pooja , Thanks girl :)
    I think its not just me, come to India and you will see every other shop flooded with florals.

  7. @Surabhi. So happy you liked it.<3

  8. that skirt is so cute and soooo chic! Love it.. :D

    1. thanks girl.So good to see you here after long.



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