dENiZEN Summer Spring '12: The Imran Connection

dENiZEN from LEVIS hosted an All bloggers event for the launch of their Spring Summer ’12 collection co-created with Imran Khan. 
As much as I would love to write about Imran ( I totally adore him J ), I would love to write about the chic Spring Summer ’12 dENiZEN line that he has co-created!
Man Vs his creation!
Time to strike that perfect balance.

Imran through my Lens: I know i can do better :)

So, what excited me?

  •   9 shades of jeans, out of which 2 jeans are crafted with the Japanese Selvedge fabric which is considered as the world’s highest quality denim. This is the reason why the price points for these denims went haywire, but according to Imran- “We Have got Good jeans J
  • The  predominant color palette for shirts/tees being- RED, NAVY, HEATHER GREYWHITE.
I I I believe men look hot in basic colors like these .Its not about complicated prints but about simplicity that makes a man stand out! I would always love a man dressed in the classic white shirt/blue jeans combo :)
     ( Ok! I'm not hinting at anything )I
  •    2 shirts in the collection use Chambray which gives them a perfect denim look and are Imran’s favorite pieces. These can be worn in Summers without feeling the heat! They are perfect for layering with a tee inside.

    Layering makes any dull tee look cool because of the breezy silhoute it takes.Go for it!  
         He confessed ,men love women wearing a man's shirt.Girls, are you listening?
  • Think Imran, Think RED- do you know he is in love with RED? The coin pocket of every Jeans has a RED rivet, RED overlocks on the busted side seams, along with a RED zipper tape in front.
I         I have never seen a single man who didn't have a red t-shirt in his wardrobe! 
          The  perfect red makes them look hotter.Its about selecting that right shade of RED that will suit you.
  •  DID YOU KNOW?  His friends call him Wikipedia for the geek in him. So t-shirts carry this catch-phrase. How many of your friends are like him?
  • Other Tees sport  nautical stripes in grey/red , blue/white which is a must-have in your wardrobe this summer! This season every designer is stocking up his collection with this trend
Now , let me tell you how you can rock the nautical look?
.For men who are taller than 5'10 horizontal stripes work well, for those shorter than 5'10 i think vertical stripes would do you justice as it lengthens your torso.

Collection Highlights through pictures -compiled specially for you guys :)
I personally believe that nautical stripes can never go out of fashion. It wouldn't be wrong to include them in your BASICS which mostly have solid colors. After all it was Coco Chanel who introduced it in 1917, she wouldn’t have possibly gone wrong!

A very cute insight was shared by Imran during the making of this line.
Do you know,he carries 2 cell phones in the front pockets of his jeans. With time, his pockets get faded in ring shape at the bottom because of the cell phones.
·         So with this line they already introduced those ring shaped faded lines- which makes it truly unique.
       Isn't that cool,guys? Do you also suffer from this fade phenomenon? Now you've a solution!
Imran styles the very beautiful  presenter Karishma Kotak with his favorite Chambray shirt.Girls REJOICE! To the right a guy happily volunteers to get styled by Imran :)
What i found really impressive was that a huge amount of research was done for this line.Insights like most MEN in India have thicker thighs came up and accordingly the fit is designed. Imran and dENiZEN have indeed done a good job! Thank GOD he's not one of those brand ambassadors who just lend their faces to the brand, he has lend his brains! 
There are many interesting facts about the whole designing process.In case you would like to know, i would post them on my FB page and of course the remaining photos. :)

And finally the Q&A round which we eagerly waited for.You know what, i finally asked him 2 questions." Me: I understand that this line is created for the youth, but is there one piece from those pair of jeans which you would like to wear even when you are 60?

 The reason why I asked this question was because, these days fashion is about sustainability and when it comes to jeans, there is always that favorite pair of jeans which we never want to throw away!
Imran: He picked a dark colored denim and said that for the older population, dark denims look smart and can be worn with a nice shirt layered with a jacket."
The presenter almost wrapped up the talk when a question popped in my mind, so i had to interrupt her.I asked about the color palette . So when i went up to get a click with him ,he says- You were the one to ask me the maximum questions! I wonder! :D

Imran is not an accessories person, but he loves shoes! For one thing he pointed out, i had a great laugh-

 "How can you guys wear the same footwear throughout the day? I gotta change mine now. " (you can guess all the girls were laughing to themselves)

Guys please, stock up some good styles of shoes.And if you would like a post on that, you can count on me.I would happily do it for you :)
For all you guys who complain i should be writing for Men's styling- I'm scouting for a model who would love to showcase my styling. And i can tell you,in this case,Men are difficult ! :) 
But i'm not giving up yet :) 

Thank you for reading till the end.

P.S: I made amazing friends at the event .Its not so often when you meet like-minded people.We discussed everything from Food to fashion :) 
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  1. The white shirt - blue jeans ..which i follow ...Also I love red tshirts... :)...Also I think, Imran is one actor who is probably the best self dressed actor around....Great job featuring him in this page...

    1. You've strengthened my belief about the color RED and men being inseparable!
      You're right,Imran has a really good sense of dressing!I'm lucky i got to feature him :)

  2. Love how you've worked on this post! A really detailed one!

    You been tagged in our post! And it was lovely meeting you! :)

    1. I'm flattered :) Thank you for liking it!
      Thank you soooo much for tagging me <3
      Loved meeting you too and i'm so glad we will be meeting more often now onwards! yayy :)

  3. Wow this is such a well written and explained post. And i think I love your necklace even more. It was great meeting you. Stay in touch.
    Love Amena,
    Fashionopolis By Amena
    Connect On Facebook

  4. Thanks Amy :) Thts your new name :))
    Do you like it?
    I wish i could go back to Delhi and get you one necklace like that!
    If i spot it here, i'll surely let you know :)
    Lovely meeting you girl.See you sooner than soon :)

  5. Hey there!
    wooo, you remember so much stuff!
    and yeah nice meeting you today too

  6. Hehe.yea,i kept rewinding my mind tape again and again, to dig out as much as i could :)
    Lovely meeting you too girl.We didn't get a click together though :/
    which i realised quite later!
    Next time :)

  7. WOW !! This seems to be a great event and love your outfit...Thanx for your lovely comment :)

    Enter $100 Giveaway

  8. Nice girl. Congrats on getting to feature Imran on your blog ;)
    So getting serious about this blogging stuff then? Will catch you online sometime. Will chat with ya. TC.

    1. Thank you dear :)
      Style blogging is absolute fun.Infact I'm constantly dreaming about my future posts :)
      Talk to you soon :)


  9. lovely post......imran's so adorable ya......

  10. Thank you poo :)
    Imran is adorable and smart at the same time :)

  11. Finally a post for men comes here :) ... Yeah it's true (atleast in my case) I am inseparable from colors red and blue :D ...and what say... Indian men have thicker thighs..really?? May be they meant higher thigh/waist ratio...
    For some reasons I never liked denims but you have written so much about this new line that I am tempted to visit the store :D .. will soon visit one.
    I am eagerly waiting for more posts from you for men :) .... I would love to see pastel color shirts experiment for the coming monsoon season from you...and Ya do post a detailed post on men shoes .. this is certainly one of the most difficult department ...
    At last .. I wish I could do modeling for you :P(but only girl models are supposed to be 5f7' high and thin not men) ... I would rather prefer to be behind the cam, that too for a female model only ;)
    Good going ....keep moving ahead :)

    1. @Rohit.I'm so happy i could put up the very first post for men.And i'm overwhelmed by your expectations from this blog :)
      Like i said, i really need someone to pose for me or i'll have to start cross-dressing .lol
      For shoes, i will definitely put up a post for you guys.
      Pastel shirts would definitely follow.
      Thanks for the motivation :)

  12. heyy lovely post! i like ur mint pants! :)
    following u via gfc now.
    n hope u follow me via gfc and facebook too! :)


    1. thanks priyanka :)
      my pants are actually bright sea green.If i do a day post, you'd see their real shade. :)


  13. wow, u look great with Imran!!

    isnt he cute?


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