{ FASHION} 3 Ways to wear the 70s Flared Denims

Hello beautiful people!

I still remember how much i adored bell bottoms as a teen. The first bell bottom i ever owned was a Red Velour one and it fit me like a glove on the thighs and then flowed into a beautiful flare. I was obsessed with it as a 9th grader. I could barely wear it enough as the top choices that went with it were limited. Then came college and my engineering college unfortunately had a uniform ! In the 3rd year, i happened to be in Mumbai for my cousin's wedding and thats when i got my hands on a stone wash grey-blue Denim bell-bottom.  It was mid-waisted & I wore it to death in my 3rd and final year- i thought i looked quite the bomb in those because every time i stepped outside campus- people stared and cat-called. Not the desired kind of attention, but i loved the denim anyhow.

Then came the first job out of campus. I bought my 3rd bell bottom denim- this time I was not a waist 30 - but waist 26 and so got a low-waisted bell bottom denim which had an embellished pocket.

I thought i looked a bomb again, because i had never worn a low waisted denim ever and never had waist 26. So i conceded this denim looked amazing for these reasons.

Then came skinny jeans and i felt how off the mark i was wearing those bell-bottoms which my mom despised. I thought i finally graduated into classy fashion and should naturally pile skinny jeans.

For 10 years, i didn't even look at bell bottoms , until now! These pretty pair were grabbed in Zara sale this season - July 2018 for approx Rs.1800 and i couldn't be more amused at how i am back with the flare- this time more exaggerated and for the first time- high-waisted. Suddenly i feel a relief because i no longer need to feel uneasy in my skinny pair during summers. It cannot get better.

I have styled it 3 ways to showcase how versatile these are and we can go on to 10+ ways to style these- if you were to use all tops in your closet. Anything i pair with this pair- seems to work . Woohoo!

Tell me if you will wear these looks and which one is your favourite?

STYLE 1: With a Frilly Blouse

STYLE 2: With a Skin-tight blouse & Denim jacket

STYLE 3: With a cropped-top and a knee-length Denim dress worn as a jacket

Till next time , CIAO!


  1. Great looks! You are as always amazing at curating different looks. I love the first and third one. Can't chose a favourite among these two. I have never tried flared denims but looking at these ways, i will surely try it out soon :)


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