Capri Islands- What I wore

“He: "Whale you be my valentine?" She: "Dolphinitely.” 

― Adam Young

 The exotic italian island of Capri in the bay of Naples was the perfect setting for my love of turquoise & white. The entire landscape as you can see is dominated by these colors.To proclaim my love for these colors - my attire readily obliged ! This island was a famous resort of the Roman emperors! You mean since 27 BC ? ( head spins). Amazed how the beauty has been preserved. So, I must have been someone in the Roman empire,. No? The main feature of this island is that it is a unique combination of beauty & glamour. You will know more in my travel post on Capri!

You must wonder, why the running shoes? I was tired after 3 days of excessive walking in Rome and found solace in my comfy pair of Pumas .I wish I could have worn open sandals , but my aching feet didn't allow me to .
Nevertheless, i wore my favorite trends- Color-blocked skirt, White blazer, Animal motif chiffon blouse and my statement necklace to please myself. Carrying a blazer helps as the winds can get chilly . And glares, dare you forget them you will be blinded by the strong sun ! Leaving you with a glimpse of the beauty and the other pretty , glamorous details will follow in the next post ! So, enjoy these pictures and get ready for the Capri travel post next. I bet you haven't seen anything as beautiful and as GLAMOROUS as the island of Capri!
Blazer- China| Chiffon blouse, skirt- Flea market,Powai | Shoes- Faas 300 by PUMA| neckpiece- Delhi flea market

Bay of Marina Picola

Finally on the streets of Capri town

The Gardens of Augustus, as you climb up the island, hypnotize you with its paradise-like panoramas

Excited for the Capri  Travel post?

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    1. Thanks Rupa! The top is really versatile!


  2. Replies
    1. Oh yes, it has the power to hypnotize!
      Thanks for stopping by Krithi.


  3. Gosh u look gorgeous..n i love ur skirt.
    Capri looks exotic.


    1. Thanks Aditi
      *blush* Yes , Capri is a paradise on earth, stay tuned for the travel post to know more!


  4. Wow Love the look, Quite Pretty :D
    xoxo <3

  5. Loved the pics. Seems like you had an awesome time! I love exotic locations
    You can check out my blog too if you like :)


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