Breezy Faux Winter!

'There's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing. '
                                                                                          ~Alfred Wainwright

Mumbai has been hot inspite of October being a promising month at least for some time.
December is when i can't resist doing posts on winter fashion. 
So for the faux Mumbai winter, lets dress up in cosy and highly tailored outfits.

Match me with the sky 

        Top: Flowy full-sleeves tunics in synthetic fabrics or knits for cooler temperatures tailored to perfection.

        Bottom :  Tights  in winter shades like black,indigo,magenta, violet or bold prints like leopard prints  and even florals. (for Mumbai )
        * Printed tights , available at Vero Moda.
         In case of cooler climates, try the woolen tights. 

  Footwear:  I know the footwear makes you wonder what it is supposed to be called and where it came from ! As the weather is 'faux', i call it a faux pair of boots. This is a 'sock sandle' where its sandal +leg warmer/socks and has a tiny wedge heel!
This suits Mumbai weather as it lets your feet breathe !
Though it may whip up extreme reactions, its upto you to love them or hate them!I await your reactions to this one :)

For a cooler weather , try leg warmers and a pair of black/grey/brown/ taupe/olive  (suede ) flat/heeled boots to add the funk.

The oriental print in the tunic inspired a pretty addition of a pink Japanese Parasol with cherry blossom tree hand-painted on it !
Infact the Red- beads are a reminder of big ripe cherries ! 

I love all things oriental and cherry-blossomy :)
I will soon post the tiny oriental charms i treasure !

Guarded by the cherry blossom parasol

Sandals, | Cherry blossom parasol, Singapore | Beads, Colaba
Till next time, wear your best tights and tunics to welcome the winters...!

I await your precious comments . Let the love flow...


  1. Very interesting sandals..... More I see it the more I like it.... Umbrella is pretty... Bottle umbrella... Right?

  2. I'm glad u loved the sandals Rancy :)

    The umbrella is a traditional Japanese cane Parasol.
    Thanks for reading :)

  3. Thank you so much for liking my SUNDAY SURPRISE theme ^_^ Well now the question is "Can I be or does it look like that I can be a DIGITAL FASH/ART DESIGNER-STYLIST" :P

  4. I posted you a comment, wonder why you haven't got any update :| Btw I <3 the close up pic of yours with the parasol ;) and the weather behind is breath taking :p

  5. Thank you so much Apurva...Thanks to your superb photography skills <3

  6. I'm glad I found a person with similar tastes!!! :) Hope to see you more :)

  7. Amazing and interesting kurti design. Looking awesome. Thanks for this post.


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