Henna revived !

This post is specially dedicated to the sweet 'prey' ( kidding ....) rehab , yes these pretty hands belong to her! I totally loved doing the Mehandi ( Henna ) art for her this Id.
I indulged in this art after a long gap of 5 years! ( and thats why, the 'prey') .
I would refrain from adding any expert comments here and let the pictures do the talking :)
Let me know how you like it...
A pat on the back for Shashank .Thank you for giving us your precious time and art (he shot the pics).
You can check his fabulous visual collection here.
Till next time...Byeeee :)

                                                       Photos : shashank, Edits: me


  1. Hey Ila, I just came across this... Missing that Angel...That smile.. thanks for these photos ....


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