Hey there folks!

 I am loving the smaller days and longer nights here - a reminder again ,that the virtual nip in the air has set in! Well, almost!

Last month, I decided to do anything to make my Frida Kahlo post come true- buy any flower headbands i come across or just get real flowers instead. I admire her and ever since i saw the movie FRIDA, I was obsessed with her iconic style. Its been a few years since and I never gave up on the idea to do a look inspired by her. My prayers were answered, when i found a series of PERFECT headbands at Forever 21 . They had over 15 designs in headbands and separate flower clips. On an average they costed me a high-500Rs, but i had to have them!

With a lot of deliberation, I chose 4. In this post, I have used only one of them. ( What i do with the remaining, well... stay tuned) I also think this look is a super QUICK FIX for a Halloween party. I took 15 mins for my makeup and hair- pretty fast as i don't have much patience with these things, haha. But yes, I didn't have to re-do anything. It all fell in place, perfectly.

As a preparation, the only thing i did was studying actual photographs of Frida Kahlo and analysing the way she posed for pictures & wore makeup- her Red lips, strong blush , thick eyebrows. She always wore chunky jewellery which included beaded neckpieces, single or layered and a dangling earring. Her gaze was always inwards, as if seeking something within- drowning in the depths of her jumbled life. And i have tried to look in the same way- hope i did ok???

All my jewellery is flea market finds from Mumbai and Delhi from ages ago. The top is also from a shop in Bandra- export stuff. My embroidered leather boots are an absolute rare find from the streets of Bandra last month- for 1000Rs!

From all the love i got on instagram, I am happy this look has turned out to be just as i imagined! So whats your Halloween quick fix?

Till next time, CIAO!


  1. Hi Ila, Totally inspiring look this is.. Loved each n everything. More love to you!

  2. Wowww loved ur headbands and ur looking fab ❤❤❤❤


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