1000 Fans Giveaway by KAZO

Dear TFMQ readers.
The last Giveaway in association with Steve Madden was a huge success and your participation meant a lot to us which brings us to our next BIG GIVEAWAY celebrating 1000 members on TFMQ fanpage.
Get a chance to view my review of the KAZO Spring Summer 2013 collection and win some awesome goodies from KAZO. To enter the giveaway, use the punchtab widget below and connect through facebook or email.For the Step where you have to comment on your favorite styles after watching my video- PLEASE COMMENT ON THIS BLOGPOST :)

See my handpicked looks from KAZO SS13 here:


  1. There is no widget below...by the way loved the collection

    1. Dear Angel use the Punchtab widget on this post to enter.

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    3. After going through the video, I loved all the collection from kazo , but what i like the most is yellow colored top with that colorful neck piece,paired with classy bangle and a sling bag, just wow..This outfit can go well in any occasion flaunting it with beautiful accessories of Kazo as well as wearing Sling Bag ...definitely gives a Unique feeling..loved it.. :)

  2. Give it a refresh I got stuck on the tablet

  3. Hey I entered the contest. But The tweet button was not posting it on twitter because it was crossing the character limit.

  4. Hi Ila! Thanks for this awesome giveaway. I absolutely love all the collection from Kazo. But my fav piece from the video is the black jumpsuit you picked.
    Hope to be lucky :)

    With love,

  5. I loved your party look. Every piece you chose is so beautiful and together they make a complete and perfect party outfit.

  6. Hii.. Thank You for the giveaway !:)
    I completed loved the whole video but extremely loved the first combinations i.e White Blazer, with Junk Suit and That Beautiful earrings and egg shaped clutch you picked up.. Its Completely trendy and Gorgeous .. I Loved the Clutch completely! :)
    Your choice Superb, Must Say! :) (y)

    Hope To get Lucky,
    Lots of Love,

  7. GREAT your party look :) :) looking so pretty :)

  8. loved the carnival look! :) loved the black jumpsuit from the party wear too :)

  9. Hi Ila,

    I had seen this video prior to giveaway announcement too ..and liked both looks. The Party look caught my attention coz i adore jumpsuit dresses a lot n the egg-shaped cluth is simply a keepsake accessory...and the carnival look had been really catchy n colorful just like the colors of sky in changing weather these days ;)

    but the look which appealed me the most is the CARNIVAL (CASUAL SUMMER) LOOK wherein the peppy neon hues were the main highlight used in neckpiece n bracelet. and i truly cudn't take my eyes off that SPIKY yellow top..a perfect IN thing for a trendy wardrobe. So my vote goes to CARNIVAL LOOK :)

    I shared the giveaway on FB and twitter too.

    Wish to be lucky to own some exclusive KAZO stuff ..

    Shilpa Bindlish

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  11. Wow.. Love the accessories. My favorite Look is the party look-bling look <3

  12. Party look is my favorite look because it is an awesome collection of accessories. I like each & every item of that look. Especially I love the earrings and the clutch.

  13. Hey Ila!

    My favorite look is the Carnival Look! The yellow dress is fearless and vibrant. The spikes make it look elegant. The necklace, tangerine earrings and hand cuff adds a dash of neon to the look. They look striking and glamorous with the outfit. Also the bag adds spunk to the style.

    On the whole look I would say, "This is how you can embrace neon and do complete justice to it!" It is amazing and makes one look very cheerful.

    Punchtab. Entries. Sharing. Following. A tick on all of them.

    Hoping to be the lucky one.




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  16. After going through video I felt .... The collection is new vibrant full of colour and at same time comfortable and elegant ..... Full pack of fashion
    Karo is dont do fashion they r fashion
    So go crazy with kazo

  17. WOW LOved all the looks but still i have soft corner for bling look...tat clutch really is die for.....

  18. I am in like with the Carnival look which ignites the spark of life as the word reflects full of colours and full of life.
    The best part is its quite in trends so every reason to go with it :)


  19. first one (party look ) is spectacular!I i think black jumpsuits are the most glorious thing EVER!!'Ive been dying to get a black jumpsuit ever since I tried it at kazo but my size was not available.Also i have a thing for black colour..Whenever i go shopping i always feel that black dresses are sort of staring at me- so I took it as a sign and bought them.and you have paired it nicely with the clutch and earings..am very bad at it actually but the combination looks just so chic.I'll be on the lookout for them @ kazo

  20. Hi dear ,

    I loved your party look very much and got more stylish idea from you. Nice giveaway and love your creativity of styling


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