What i wore in Florence- Part 1

 Open my heart and you will see,
Graved inside of it, "Italy."

-Robert Browning
When I reached Florence in the evening, my legs pained like they have never pained before!All the walking in Venice and running on the train platforms as we changed 3 trains to reach here, had its toll on me.( Don't ask why i changed 3 trains!) Inspite of the pain, I mustered the courage to land up in piazzale michelangelo . A place designed in 1869 by Florentine architect Giuseppe Poggi,from where you get the most beautiful view of the glorious city.Not to mention the famous artwork of Michelangelo-'DAVID ',that has been recreated here in bronze while the original is made in marble.

The captivating view from Piazzale Michelangelo

The replica of Statue of DAVID : believe me this is not even half as beautiful as the real work in white Marble
So you ask me what is so special about the statue of this unclothed man? Read on,
Michelangelo took three years to finish his David.And here is Vasari’s description of David,
…nor has there ever been seen a pose so easy, or any grace to equal that in this work, or feet, hands and head so well in accord, one member with another, in harmony, design, and excellence of artistry.
(Translated by Gaston du C. de Vere) Michelangelo’s David stands over 14 feet tall!Remember that the biblical figure of David was special to the citizens of Florence—he symbolized the liberty and freedom of their republican ideals, which were threatened at various points in the fifteenth century by the Medici family and others.

 Didn't i tell you i was craving for a bird print dress. In fact the back of this dress is sheer black till the waist,but due to the weather I couldn't help but cover up :)

Hope you liked my 1st post on Florence,More of Florence covered in my next post, as i woke up to a fresh new morning the other day.

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  1. I love that pendant you are wearing. Was wondering, what if somebody constructed such a sculpture here in India. he he ha ha ha :p

  2. WOW..u look fabulous..!i love ur footwear n the bord print dress is so elegant.



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