Behind the lenses and in front !

Here's my cousin Apurva who came down to Mumbai as she won a makeover contest at
These shots were directed and shot by me with a simple digicam. No professional gadgets here!

Since we both click each other ,you will be seeing her shots as well in some posts.Now that she is flying back to Delhi , we have done enough shoots in advance to keep the blog running till we meet next :)

The jumpsuit is what she bought as part of the makeover featured in the blog above.And this is how i styled her for my shoots.

Doesnt she look like a great painter !
The jumpsuit helps to shorten her length which is a staggering 5'10 1/2.
We added the black full sleeve top to give her a slimming look for her apple shaped body.
The painter props like the roller and the paint can clicked me instantly when i saw them lying around.
Post your views on this look here.I will be waiting for your comments.

Jumpsuit, GURU india | neckpiece, Accessorize

<Edit> On my friend Rehab's request!


  1. Love the look! But I wanted more pics in this post!
    I will take you shopping next time :)

  2. Sure Rehab, we shall definitely make a shopping trip together!
    I tried to minimise the number of pics in this post as i posted large size pics.
    Will try posting pics taken from other angles too :)

  3. Wokay I did not know that my pics have been editing so pretty awesomely ^_^ Thank you so much!!


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