Monsoon : Its raining SALE!

The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.
-Dolly Parton

monsoon umbrella fashion
The title can be misleading at times.
If you think this post is only about SALE, then you are mistaken.And intentionally so! I just couldn't let go off these words, crazy me!

I become a complaint box even before the first signs of rain. The molds in my leather footwear, damp feel of my wardrobe inhabitants and the inconsiderate mud splashes from speeding cars all add to my woes.

However, this time around, i didn't quite feel like complaining. For the first time i felt, even the rains had more than the word - GLOOMY attached to them. The way most romantics see it. Not a personality conversion this one, but a sudden appreciation for the laws of nature that need to be executed.

For all the food that i cherish, rain is the agent. Of-course, i have known this ever since I had been introduced to General Science in class 3. But never felt this way before. Maybe its the rising food prices and the fact that i buy my own groceries! hehe.

Or maybe the fact that summers had their way for too long and that first drop of water from the sky felt like a  heaven-sent-change!
Change , it is and change is good!

July-August is when the Monsoon SALE kicks open!
Malls get over-flooded with bee-lines of eager shoppers now carrying their own shopping bags!
As for me, I was not looking for any new additions to my wardrobe except for a Denim waist.

To my surprise , the wish was granted by ONLY.Lucky me!
I bought this pretty light blue waist and then went back to the store to buy another in dark blue!
When I came back home, I went crazy combining it with all pieces I could think of from my wardrobe.

The next best thing about monsoon fashion is NEONS. You see neons in umbrellas, raincoats, gumboots and all things PLASTICKY.
Besides, this year , neon has been trending for quite sometime and people can't let go of it!
This pretty neon-pink satchel bag is every bit an eye-candy and a must-have.
With golden accents it becomes a classy beauty.The tunic here is from H&M and is a pretty piece for the rains with water-color blue print .

How can i miss my favorite Umbrella. Its huge ,its generous , it makes me proud.
It can fight the windiest of Mumbai rains like a Pretty warrior.
And is a pleasure to carry everywhere, except that if you carry it in local trains like I did for almost 2 years,
people are ready with their superlative expletives!

Umbrella,Lokhandwala | Pink Satchel -Janpath,Delhi | Denim Waist- ONLY

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Love & more Love
* Ila *


  1. Loved the satchel and the denim waist..:)

  2. The only sad part is it dint rain this year :|

    p.s.: Can you please allow other accounts for commenting, I dont like using Google account for the same

  3. very cute umbrella and your looking cute as well ^_^.

  4. Ila you look lovely.
    p.s : Love the 4th Picture.

  5. yes!! monsoons bring with them the bounty of SALE!!..

    like the neon bag...its so perfect for the rainy cloudy urban landscape!!

  6. You look pretty! The umbrella and denim vest are so cute!

    I am having a giveaway on my blog- A Pretty Little Mess- First Giveaway

  7. You look great :) And I love that quote :)


  8. The Denim thing adds a lot to the attire.

  9. hello
    nice article
    thanks for sharing


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