Trend : Animal prints

Animal Print Trend : SNAKE Bite

Animal Prints come around every year and stay till people get bored seeing them too 
often. However, every season boasts mostly of the evergreen Leopard prints from scarves to shoes!

This time we look at Snake print. Snake prints are not as loud as leopard prints but loud 
enough to make a statement.

How to sport the Snake print?

Wear one piece of Snake inspired apparel or accessory that will transform your look
dramatically.Snake prints being delicate in nature are safe to wear for every body type.
Snake prints are best worn with whites/blacks/nudes/royal blue/Bottle green.
So go ahead and style yourself in Hisss..sss way!

Photographs by Surabhi, Edits- Me

Snake print pants- Colaba | Leather pumps-TASHI | Ring- Cleosara

         Did you like the subtlety of the Snake print? How will you wear it?

                                                                Go ahead and tell us !
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  1. How much I miss colaba shopping! Grrrr >.<

  2. I love those pants so much!

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  4. Hello Ila,
    I'm Kavita from A Blush Of Pink.
    Came across your blog via In_FB and absolutely adored your posts. Especially your blog header looks so Vintage.
    Would be great if we could follow each other.. What do you think?
    Waiting to hear from you.

  5. Great post!!You look fab!!
    I am giving away a gorgeous bag from Tosca on my check it out!!

  6. Ila, you're such a gorgeous looking girl, honestly.

    Having a good morning catching up on your blog. Keep beautiful!

    Love, Miffalicious. []


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