Mona & Ray in Crave the Shave!

Read the cover on her wedding album.

As Mona flipped the pages of her memoir , she couldn't help smiling eye to eye.
It was her day.
She could still feel the excitement. Everything went as planned.

She was dressed in her dream wedding gown. Her prince charming looked radiant in his royal blue velour
suit embellished with matte golden buttons.
All she could see was her dream coming true right in front of her eyes.Yes , you do get to live your dreams, she thought to herself.


It was Mona and Ray's 2nd wedding Anniversary.
She was excited as Ray had planned her a surprise he wouldn't disclose until 7 pm that day.
Oh well, Mona couldn't be any more elated!


7.00 pm

What was Ray's surprise for Mona?
Come back to find out what happened at 7 pm.

7.01 pm

The lights went out and Mona shrieked in horror.
It was not something she had wished.She was just kissed by a thorn prince!
And then a familiar voice- Darling its me!

'If this was a surprise, you bet you are in for some',declared Mona in disgust.
They didn't talk that night.

Breakfast was a dull and dry toast without butter.
Back from work, Ray entered the bathroom for his evening shower.
Mona used to prepare him a relaxing bubble  bath every evening.
'Thank God', he said to himself,' Atleast the bath is ready.

He slipped into it with a sigh of relief and - Ouchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
The bath bed was a bed of thorny particles!
He jumped out of the bath and wrapped his towel around in disbelief!

Mona felt bad for him , but this is how she showed him - a prickly kiss can spoil the day!

Ray, the smart man that he was, slathered himself with ointment and went on to shave first thing after that.
Mona smiled and next day Ray threw her a surprise belated anniversary party.
He looked suave , desirable - clean shaven .All eyes were on him and Mona couldn't thank him more.

Breakfasts were back to buttery and delicious, baths bubbly .
Mona and Ray lived happily ever after!!!

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