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I announced on TWITTER yesterday, this month of September is full of giveaways! Here's bringing you the first one for the week!
(Also, remember to login to TWITTER tomorrow, 18th September between 12pm-5pm to participate in the #KhoobsuratMoments contest.)


So, L'Oreal Paris has finally launched their exclusive SAY YES TO COLOR FLIPKART store!
Their 3 luscious, rich chocolate shades of Casting Créme Gloss all boast of a distinct personality that we all can identify with. Based on these shades, they have created looks as they believe every girl will find herself in one of them. These looks have all that you need from clothes to shoes to accessories! How cool is that? !!! I LOVE IT!


1. Visit the FLIPKART store and Choose one personality that matches yours the best & tell me why in the COMMENTS SECTION.
2. Share the link of an item you love best in the chosen personality's store. 

" WIN A L'OREAL PARIS HAMPER ! Participate in the TRENDY DIVA contest on www.thefleamarketqueen.com & tell us which personality you resemble most & why? Best answer wins!  "

The person with the best answer wins a hamper!
*CONTEST ENDS on 19th September 2014*


1. Use these links to visit their FLIPKART store and see the 3 personalities


For Iced Chocolate - We bring to you Iced Diva! She is bold, she is stylish and she shimmers brighter with every step. She loves a Saturday night out or a lavish shopping spree with her girl friends. Jet Black dresses, stilletos are her absolute favourite!

For Dark Chocolate - We bring to you a traveller, a wanderer, a dreamer - Chocolate Chic. She is spontaneous & loves an occasional long walk on the beach and dresses wild and free with crop tops, harem pants and bold jewellery.

For Golden Goddess - she is poised, she is elegant, she is classy, she is perfect! Your girl next door with a gorgeous smile and a sense of style. Golden Goddess loves her Sunday brunches and quiet dinner dates. She wears timeless colours and shines with the exuberance of Gold.


  1. I Would love to own this fabulous dress because it best suits my personality and complexion and makes me feel I am worth it, I totally deserve it L'Oréal Paris http://www.flipkart.com/faballey-women-s-sheath-dress/p/itmdqzey4gm9tjea?pid=DREDQZESUFZWSGKT&otracker=from-search&srno=t_2&query=iced+diva&ref=f35066b6-09ac-4d88-be38-c65ca998b785

  2. I totally am in love with the Ice Diva look and I want to win the awesome Faballey Women Sheath Dress as it is one of the best dresses I have ever seen, suits my complexion and personality and will make me feel I am worth it :)

  3. Golden Goddess - Elegance I love to the core not just because it gives you an upper edge but it grabs ll the attention for the sophistication it holds is worth for ! My persona matches to her coz of the simple fact that - Her beauty is in the way she smiles.Her charm could be seen in her gleaming eyes ! :-) A hint of class, a pinch of poise, Loads of sophistication,she emits everyday without fail, grabbing all the eyes she meets on her way ! ^_^ Woman of substance, Soft & Sophisticated, an embodiment of feminism,with poise regenerated...this is how I describe myself :)

  4. 1. Golden Goddess - Elegance I love to the core not just because it gives you an upper edge but it grabs ll the attention for the sophistication it holds is worth for ! My persona matches to her coz of the simple fact that - Her beauty is in the way she smiles.Her charm could be seen in her gleaming eyes ! :-) A hint of class, a pinch of poise, Loads of sophistication,she emits everyday without fail, grabbing all the eyes she meets on her way ! ^_^ Woman of substance, Soft & Sophisticated, an embodiment of feminism,with poise regenerated...this is how I describe myself :)

    2. I loved Juvalia Glow Clutch the most from the collection as it exhibit unmatchable dignified Aura & Radiance & speaks louder that the holder has royal/charismatic personality!

    3. Done

  5. Hi @TheFleamarketQueen ,

    At the onset , I must say very interesting contest...so much so that it inspired me to write a poem about why I think my personality matches that of the GOLDEN GODDESS(bragger you say...not really...just felt nice to write good things about myself :) )

    So here I go :

    I am the GOLDEN GODDESS,
    I live life with aplomb.

    I am fun, I am exuberant,
    I create a storm.

    I am classy and elegant,
    And I am bold.

    I am prettier inside than out,
    I am precious than Gold.

    I m the Golden Goddess,
    A beauty to behold.

    Hope you like it.

    I love the Golden Goddess look on @Flipkart.com.

    My FAVOURITE piece is the Juvalia Glow Clutcg Gold and I wish to own it..I would love you even more if you make me win it.


    I am surely sharing this on all platforms...Do lemme know how you like it ;)

    Meenakshi Sethi

  6. Hi ila
    Amazing giveway i am drooling

    The diva which perfectly suits my personality is Iced Diva cuz i am stylish bold and confident just like her !! i am a scorpion and i am stylish by nature and effortlessly stylish and fashionable I am simply drooling over d look of iced diva,,, we are like soul sisters .. i love shopping , partying hard and nyt out smake my life .. i spend almost half of my salary on shopping andoutingswith my BFF"s My favouritecolor is black andi have some odd 50 LBD'sin my closet and i dont wear any other heels .. only stilletos for me ... i cant resist thislook n outfit which i have chosen is fab alley sheath dress which is all shimmery and blingy which i lovee <3 <3 Here isd link http://www.flipkart.com/faballey-women-s-sheath-dress/p/itmdqzey4gm9tjea?pid=DREDQZESUFZWSGKT&otracker=from-search&srno=t_3&query=iced+diva&ref=d46b639f-9e59-4d1f-9e6a-977717b015b5 .. this goes perfect for upcoming festive party mood and my b day .... woww i love shimmer so so much i cant describe here i wan ainvite u to my place and show u my whole closet !! thanks anyways
    Wish to win

  7. Hi Ila,
    Thank-you for such a wonderful giveaway!
    The personality that matches or suits me the best is Iced Chocolate. I am not loud yet bold enough to convey and express my views. I love spending my time with my girlfriends with activites like good movies , shopping and experimenting with new cuisine. I would any day prefer the color black. For some, it is bad omen but for me its the color, full of power and confidence.
    The products I love the best are:
    I would first try make over of my hair with this beautiful color http://www.flipkart.com/loreal-paris-casting-creme-gloss-hair-color/p/itmdfruk3r2pqcvv?pid=HRCDFSFGKNZJKAAD&otracker=from-search&srno=t_2&query=iced+diva&ref=0873a35a-c556-4255-8891-7e744db70807.
    I would love this jumpsuit http://www.flipkart.com/pera-doce-solid-women-s-jumpsuit/p/itmdyrzfgcj3e6gf?pid=JUMDYRZFUN5CGDQF&otracker=from-search&srno=t_4&query=iced+diva&ref=0873a35a-c556-4255-8891-7e744db70807 (black+blue) pairing up with these heels http://www.flipkart.com/wet-blue-heels/p/itmdufnknv4fgzmc?pid=SNDDUFNKNV4FGZMC&otracker=from-search&srno=t_1&query=iced+diva&ref=0873a35a-c556-4255-8891-7e744db70807

  8. Hi ila !
    <3 <3 <3 <3
    Amazing giveway i m drooling over all d looks!!
    Well the look which goes with my personality is Iced Chocolate ie iced diva .. i love anything and everything that has shimmer just cant get enough of it!i have 100 odd pairs of stilettos and are must have in my closet … i dont wear any other footwear no wedges no flats … stylish is my second name .saturday nyt outs are incomplete without dressing up all shimmery and with my gals .. Style comes effortlessly and naturally to me .. my fav item is http://www.flipkart.com/faballey-women-s-sheath-dress/p/itmdqzey4gm9tjea?pid=DREDQZESUFZWSGKT&otracker=from-search&srno=t_3&query=iced+diva&ref=4a379ed2-732e-48bd-b46a-82ee9e9c8b91 i just love it its my little black dress (LBD) must haave for me …..WISH TO WIN IT .. I CAN BEG BORROW OR STEAL FOR IT … WISH TO WIN!!!! fingers crossed tightly

  9. Hi Ila,

    This is such a a Fab GiveAway! Luvin it!

    My choice is gonna b Golden Godess!

    Wen u wear it, it's sheer Elegance!
    Nothing fits in, in a better way for every occasion..
    Gold is Neva out of fashion,
    It Enhances ur Beauty..eye catchy
    Wen u wear gold u truly luk like a Godess!

    I know I look like one too... Hence I luv golden Godess !

    My fav of all is the juvalia glow gold Clutch!

    Loadsa Love

    Sushmita X

  10. Hey Ila, thanks for organizing this fabulous giveaway and best wishes for years of blogging that you have ahead for you!
    Although all the 3 looks put together by team L'Oreal are superb in their own way, the one which best suits my taste is the Iced Diva! Love everything in that category, right from the little black sequin dress to the blue heels!
    But my favorite has to be the black and blue colored jumpsuit http://www.flipkart.com/pera-doce-solid-women-s-jumpsuit/p/itmdyrzfgcj3e6gf?pid=JUMDYRZFUN5CGDQF&otracker=from-search&srno=t_4&query=iced+diva&ref=06b51ce5-483b-43a2-80d3-604c4e19e35a The reason why I am choosing it is as they are quite in fashion nowadays. Also, love the sharp silhouette of the jumpsuit and the color blocking with black and blue, both, my favorite colors! The dark colors would help me hide the extra pounds that I have gained in previous few months! It's also a very versatile piece of clothing as it can be worn during the day or night/in a formal or an informal setting depending upon how it is accessorized! Would love to flaunt it on a crazy nightout with my girlfriends!
    Done sharing the contest on twitter as well as Google +!!
    Fingers crossed! :)
    Saachi Garg.

  11. Hi,
    Of all the 3 personalities, it is the CHOCOLATE CHIC which I relate myself to the most. People often find me Zoned out in my own world of thoughts. And it is a frequent occurrence. A dreamer by heart suffering from Wanderlust. Longing the walks on the beach to go lost in some corner of the world and EXPLORE with my small bag pack, a camera and a book. Bliss! How I wish to do this SOON.
    And for the fact that it is the Comfort that I seek the most, I am mostly seen dressed in causal chic outfits, these days crop tops are definitely so my thing.
    I REALLY liked the floral 'Ivory Tag Ambrose Sling Bag' - http://goo.gl/rmJSA1
    Brown+ Floral--> Which pretty much can be paired with EVERYTHING to add that dash/hint of 'Fashion Quotient' ..

  12. I'm more of a Golden Goddess sort of a personality. Quiet yet timeless, memory-filled affairs make the day for me. Minimalistic yet a very classy appeal is what I carry.
    I would definitely love to pick http://www.flipkart.com/loreal-paris-casting-creme-gloss-hair-color/p/itmdfruk3r2pqcvv?pid=HRCDFSFGNTHYQ8ER&srno=b_2&ref=6e7b238c-c717-42a0-9313-b435f0c24215 ..
    As to why? I believe in the fact that a good hair day makes or breaks the day. And we women adore our crowning glory. I'd rather my locks make a statement and do the talking. * fingers crossed *

  13. Golden Goddess personality defines me alot as I am Classy yet Stylish. I have a great sense of dressing & I am a TRENDSETTER not follower. I have a lovely SMILE which makes other's day more SHINEY and BRIGHTY. Love to live the Way I Like. I loooove this Party Box Clutch from my favourite matching personality. http://www.flipkart.com/juvalia-glow-clutch/p/itmduwgg9huexhp3?pid=CLTDUWGG3S68DDSG&srno=b_4&ref=c773191a-bb49-4682-9476-2580a9364494

  14. Hii
    THanksfor wonderful giveway ..
    MY look comletely co incides with ICED DIVA i have tried d color on my tresses and bingo i love amazing !!Also i have fetish for anything which is bcak since its my fav color also my BF says it looks best on me ...i am a complete party animal . saturaday means paty nytttt yayyy and i am shopaholic .. so i shop and party .. work hard and party harder is my motto .. i ll shared link of d dress i want to complete d look with its d sheath dress !!!http://www.flipkart.com/faballey-women-s-sheath-dress/p/itmdqzey4gm9tjea?pid=DREDQZESUFZWSGKT&otracker=from-search&srno=t_3&query=iced+diva&ref=ab30ca4f-3e88-41a3-a2af-03baa2cecd14 goes wel, with my jimmy choo so i love it
    really really dying to win this.....

  15. !! Amazing creativity !!
    The look which goeswith my personality completely is d iced diva ..i am Iced Diva! She is bold, cuz i m bold , confident , stylish i alwaays keep it stylish no matter wat i do where i go and i love shimmers alot .. i have around 100 black garments and my mom keeps on cursing me for buying me ore of same color i love d color black and my obsession never diesfor the same ! i love saturday nyt out (saturday saturdaty song its on me ) since its holiday in our offices we gals hang out and shop till we drop and followed by discotheque to unwind .. i wear only stilletosand nothing else i can carry … people often ask me how do i carry such heels buy=t i carry them with elan i feel very much comfy and in my own skin .. my closet for iced divaa look must have fab alley sheat dree i am head over heels in love with this http://www.flipkart.com/faballey-women-s-sheath-dress/p/itmdqzey4gm9tjea?pid=DREDQZESUFZWSGKT&otracker=from-search&srno=t_3&query=iced+diva&ref=ab30ca4f-3e88-41a3-a2af-03baa2cecd14

  16. http://www.flipkart.com/wet-blue-heels/p/itmdufnknv4fgzmc?pid=SNDDUFNKNV4FGZMC&otracker=search_0&pageNum=1&query=iced+diva I love this whole Look Ila because Blue is my favourite colour. I love these heels coz I love heels and especially coz its blue. I'm super obsessed with blue. Its a very chic colour and suits everyone. This look is totally stylish goreous and can make many heads turn around. Its just like me simple yet stylish with comfort coz being comfortable in whatever I wear Is my main priority. :) wish to win. :)

  17. Golden Goddess! She is Perfection. Classy and Fabulous, Shimmery and Shiny, She takes the World Head on! Stylish to the Core, She sets her own Trends rather than following them. She has the World at her feet and one look of her can melt the hardest!

    I love the 20D The Bloom Of Love Hair Band and Juvalia Glow Clutch that so go with the Golden Goddess Personality! Feminine and Flirty, Stylish yet not Over Board, these so gel well with her (ME :) <3

  18. As Coco Chanel once famously said: “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous”. I believe in stylish and classy fashion. A style of dressing that turns heads without being over the top and in the face. Life's too short to be caught wearing unfashionable clothes but comfort is important as well. Something that I feel "me" in will always top my list when it comes to selecting outfits and accessories which is why I relate the most to the Iced Diva. She's classy, she's cool and she's gorgeous :)

    My sense of fashion is an extension of me,
    It's classy and stylish like an Iced Diva would be,
    Yet it's comfy and fun and sets me free,
    It has neither too little nor too much,
    but just the right amount of glamour's touch...

    Here's the link of the product I liked the most - http://www.flipkart.com/dress-villa-acrylic-alloy-necklace/p/itmdyga8xwcuhdzd?pid=NKCDYGA8J2PV9URF&srno=b_6&ref=cde59927-9072-4807-8ef5-3e30d93601e0

    I have retweeted and shared about this contest on Twitter :)

  19. Helloooooo !
    So excited to chose a look, imagining if I had a makeover done for myself. I would like the put following together and make heads turn (*wink wink*) :

    Outfit & Accessories:
    Loreal casting creme gloss Chocolate Chic (Sonam's Dark Cholocate) + Pera Doce Solid Women's Jumpsuit (blue) + Dress Villa Acrylic, Alloy Necklace + Wet Blue Heels + Juvalia Glow Clutch

    Loreal Paris Glam Shine Lip Crayon (Lychee Lust - 911) + Loreal Paris Super Liner Blackbuster +
    Loreal Paris Color Riche Vernis (Shocking Pink - 210)

    To speak a little about my choices, Chocolate Chic is that color which is very complimenting for Indian skin tone.
    It suits all occassions and clothes, Its Amonia free and adds gloss to the hair making it look lively and rich,
    I futher chose the Pera Doce jumpsuit particularly in blue color so that I match it with Wet Blue Heels. The Dress Villa Acrylic, Alloy Necklace and the Juvalia Glow Clutch adds the glam quotient to the otherwise casual dress.

    I would like to keep the maky-up sutle for the above mentioned outfit and accessories, I would like to use Loreal Paris Super Liner Blackbuster and draw a thin flicked liner on the eyes and use Loreal Paris Glam Shine Lip Crayon (Lychee Lust - 911) and Loreal Paris Color Riche Vernis (Shocking Pink - 210) as they are sutle colors and go very well with the entire look.


  20. I am Chocolate chic as it truly defines me. I am a simple , fun loving person. I love making people laugh. I am a free bird. Love long drives, traveling.

    I love this sling bag - http://www.flipkart.com/ivory-tag-ambrose-sling-bag/p/itmdufy3pmxkkfnm?pid=SLBDUFY3PMXKKFNM&srno=b_3&ref=867174f2-8c89-44cc-a6fd-65b3bb8995f0


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