{REVIEW} Enamor's Chinese Orchid Collection

" Lingerie is one of the most important pieces of your wardrobe. You can have a wardrobe malfunction if you don't choose the right thing to wear underneath! "
-Adriana Lima
Hiding in one corner of the house, in a small drawer, or a clothing line from where its not visible to anyone who sees the clothing line. Lingerie is the unsung hero of any dress that receives compliments. Its a woman's secret best friend ; Because if the lingerie wasn't right, the dress wouldn't have fit as gloriously as it did. We all have our favorite lingerie brands and we swear by them once we discover the dream-fit. Minimizers for the well-endowed, push-ups for those A-cup twins; we all have our firm choices. I am not sure about you, but I am not easily satisfied with fits each time I try a new brand.
Recently, Enamor commenced their AW'14 journey with the 2nd infusion of the Chinese Orchid collection. Oriental inspired, the collection boasts of colors such as blue, green and black in luxurious and comfortable polyamides' and lace. All 3 collections include nightwear too.
The AW'14 collection has three distinct infusions inspired by countries across the globe. Their 1st edition was called "Russian Firebird" . A heady mix of seductive reds & flashy oranges. The piece I picked was from Russian Firebird but was part of the Chinese orchid collection in turquoise. 
Here are TOP 5 reasons why YOU MUST lay your hands on these!
1.  Ultra Thin cups
If you are someone who is not fond of thick padding in wired bras, then this is your prayers answered!
The ultra thin cups of this "Glitzy" bra are as good as no padding and feel like a soft Caresse.  

 2. Great for long-wear
The back of the bra is a soft mesh, that almost feels like feather. So light & airy, you will not feel like taking it off even after a day-long wear. The matching bikini-style brief is also made up of the same mesh and absorbs sweat. No matter how much I hate to wear wired bras, they offer the best shape and support . To my pleasant surprise, this wired bra doesn't even make you feel like you are wearing one! The wire doesnt hurt!
Is your best friend getting married? Then you might want to recommend these to her for her wedding day, as it fits like a dream if you measure your right size. Full day wear is extremely comfortable & breathable!

3. Gorgeous detailing
Who doesn't love intricate details on their clothing. The AW"14 collection is crafted with so much love and care, it shows! The pretty lace in dual shades of pink & orange is the ideal color combination ; also in line with bridal wear these days!  The choice of fabrics & motifs make you feel like a princess.

 4. Afordable
These special designer lingerie from Enamor come at price points ranging from  Rs. 275- Rs. 1395
Style meets comfort in the most sensual form. Once you pick up Pretty lingerie  , only then you know how good it feels to wear them and at price points like these, you will never regret!
Have you tried this collection yet? If not, you might want know , they are selling out fast!
The next collection is called Moroccan dreams and I can't wait to try!
Till next time, CIAO!


  1. truly said about the detailing part being intricatetly crafted with so much love and care & the dual shades is the ideal color combination. Fabulous

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