{REVIEW} Pure Reds by L'oreal Paris

"How many shades of RED lipstick do you need?" they asked. She said"That question is complex and intriguing".

L'oreal has put me exactly into the same frame of mind. I'm overwhelmed with the selection & can't decide. There was a time, when I would endlessly search for my perfect red. With these 7 exquisite matte shades that are chosen by 7 ionic L'Oréal Paris ambassadors, including Aishwarya Rai,Sonam Kapoor,Freida Pinto and Blake Lively, L'oreal has done the impossible!
What a girl wants? Never-ending choice of Matte Reds. The Color Riche Pure Reds by L'oreal Paris are intensely pigmented, stay on forever (upto 8 hours with meals) and can never go wrong! Its the same formula as the Moist Mat collection from L'or Lumiere Cannes 2014 collection, which I swore by! Its velvet matte and unlike matte lippies,doesnt accentuate fine lines on the lips!

It was long ago when I checked if this will interest you- How to wear RED lipstick & how to choose one. And yes, this post covers both! And so many of you who answered yes, would be happy to see the post!


1. Always rub lip-balm onto your lips about 15mins before application.
2. Use a gentle scrub like sugar to wipe off the balm and make way for smoother lips.
3. (Optional) If you are headed to a Party, a lip plumper can do wonders . Use Sally Hansen or any other you may get your hands on. A perfect pout begins with a plumper!
4. Line your lips with a lip-liner and fill them completely . Choose the lip-liner based on your lip's skin-color. It pays to have 2-3 liners in various shades of red (Maroon/Poppy Red/True Red) . You can blend them to get the right shade.
5. Finally swipe the red lippie in small strokes to fill your lips evenly. Blot with a tissue and add more swipes.

Tada!!! You have the most irresistible pout you ever saw on yourself! Try it and tell me how it felt!

And now, for your perfect PURE RED from L'oreal Paris ;check the swatches below! It can get tricky ;)

1. My first look is PURE ROUGE by Freida Pinto. Its a TRUE RED (neutral) and was picked for me by Namrata Soni. This is the most pigmented shade of the lot. 1 Swipe and you will be surprised, needless to say, its a universal red- almost like Ruby Woo and suits any skintone! Perfect for anytime of the day-this shade screams perfection!
Brand: L'Oreal Paris Pure Reds by Color Riche
Photographer: Rema Chaudhary
Hair & Make-Up Expert: Namrata Soni
 2. Pure Brick by Aishwarya Rai : As the name suggests , its a brick red shade . This can be worn at work effortlessly without attracting extra attention to your lips and still getting to wear your RED!

3. Pure Scarleto by Blake Lively:  Pure Scarleto is a mysterious one here! Its bright- and on my pigmented lips, it looked like a dark pink-ish red without the liner. This shade will work well with medium to fair skintones. Preferably worn in the evening,under dim candle-lights :)

4. Pure Vermeil by Fan Bingbing: Bordering heavily on a pinkish coral side, this red can be the perfect "first red" to a girl's collection. Its fresh and looks more pink than red. In the bullet it looks red, but a younger version of it ;) Absolutely perfect for day-time wear and definitely an all-skintone color!

5. Pure Amaranthe by Gong Li : This is another deep-pinkish shade for someone who loves a hint of pink with a bit of RED. This shade is perfect for medium-fair skin-tones . 

6. Pure Fire by Li Bingbing : Achtung! This has to be the hottest (literally) shade of the collection. This glamorous Red will set you on fire. Its like wearing "flame of the forest" flowers on your lips with a dash of Neon. An orange Red (maybe , I will drop the word "RED") ,this shade is the most difficult to wear on its own. Combined with a red lip-liner, this complements cool skin-tones with its warmth. I have even worn it to office- A toned down version by wearing it under a brick-red lip liner. It looked fabulously fresh and unique. 

7. Pure Garnet By Sonam Kapoor: ONe look at the bullet and you are reminded of those lippies from your mom's make-up drawers. Yes, this is the same maroon-red that our mom's were smitten with . I don't see myself wearing this often, but a little birdie told me I should try! This shade will complement all skin-tones but its upto you if you want to add that "maturity" to your look.

Hope you have picked your RED by now!
As for now, I am gearing up for yet another launch from L'oreal Paris for Cannes 2015. Stay tuned on instagram and twitter for updates !


  1. Beauty, to me, is being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick!!! ;)
    love the blog, Ila!

  2. Thanks darling! I was gonna put this one by Gwyneth Paltrow and then decided on the other ;) Thanks for visiting & Hope to see you on this space again :)

  3. you look so striking in all of them! lovely pics!

  4. U look so pretty in all of them! Lotsa love

  5. All the shades from this range are absolutely gorgeous. My personal favorite is Pure Vermeil because I'm more of a pink lover and it is more or less a perfect balance between pink and red. All the shades look lovely on you!

  6. All the shades from this range are absolutely gorgeous. My personal favorite is Pure Vermeil because I'm more of a pink lover and it is more or less a perfect balance between pink and red. All the shades look lovely on you!

  7. Love all the shades on you! Really!

  8. All shades except Sonam and Frieda's kinda wash you out or is it just the pictures?

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