{Fashion} What I wore in Seville


Seville is one city that has left a lasting impression on my mind. It so full of life, flavors and history. People are passionate about their culture and are celebrating life every single day!

Each city area has so much character. While I will take you through the Seville, I experienced, this post is about the Plaza de Espana.  This structure that left me mesmerized with its beauty, is grand &; tastefully designed with a lot of precision. Most of all, it makes you feel you are in a medieval palace, but its not!
This is just a building that eewas designed in 1920 to showcase Spain's industry and technology exhibits! Surprising, since it looks like a dated royal architecture.

And if you are a Star Wars fan, the movie's Part I and II were filmed here! The tiled alcoves represent the various provinces in Spain along with the maps in tiles. The colors are beautifully chosen and there is so much to see. I came here twice. The first time was this time, when I was busy acting like a princess and the second time as a photographer, because I couldn't have enough of this Art Deco/neo-Mudejar style.I braved the harsh sun and hung around the entire expanse without water for 3 hours, to get these pictures of the artistic glory from all angles. Its a blog, and I can only share a select few photographs, so Go ahead and explore the plaza in my pictures:


Till next time, CIAO!


  1. Lovely pictures! I love Seville and this is one of my favourite spots there too!
    Best regards from a reader from Barcelona,

  2. Gorgeous clicks n i love ur dress.



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