Love in disguise

The festive season is unfolding its madness on us,vulnerable romantics. We wait for that mail, secretly in our heart from that special someone. Because festive mirth leaves us begging for miracles. We slip into the dreamy world, where all good things are lined up for us, as if it was the season of receiving. Like that long-time crush approaching you out of nowhere and telling you how much he admires you & wants to be friends with you! Before the bubble bursts, you want to feel good. Because its the festive season, happiness is inherent and you hopelessly wait, for surprises!

One fine day, even before autumn could set in and I could anticipate the miraculous festive mirth, I was surprised by a cotton bag that said " Behind Every woman is" ...I looked in " A great pair of jeans" Indeed, a great pair of jeans and the Levis 311 at that! Stretchy without being obnoxious and comfortable as lose pants- this straight pair of skinnies reminded me of the 90s high-waisted models. I digged in further to find this stone-washed denim shirt with my initials on it  - in Red- LOVE! I had to pinch myself, there was a love note too and a red bandana. For once, I didnt slip into the dreamy state , to feel ecstatic!
Gift these through Amazon, and make someone feel in love, just like Levi's did to me!

CHEERS & Love!


  1. Love the outfit...n i love those shoes.


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