{ T.R.A.V.E.L} Annecy to perfection

A beautiful Day trip from Geneva , is the beautiful shopping hub in France- Annecy. Since Geneva happens to be really expensive, Annecy welcomes the people of this neighboring swiss city with its French boutiques and high- street brands- All at lesser prices. But if I have to visit Annecy, it will be for this picture-postcard-perfect town. Just around every corner is a chance to capture a frame with old stone walls, flowers and glimpses of the Alps. The lakeside lawns are a great picnic spot. Carry your food and spend the day gazing at the expansive sky and the blue lake.
There is something for everyone in Annecy , and If I were given a chance, I would love to visit this stunning place again, maybe I missed some corners?  Annecy is also called as Venice of the east. Well, too many Venice-s but its a delightful little town. Also featuring in one of the most beautiful towns in France, I need not repeat how much charm this place oozes . I am at loss of adjectives to describe this place and will let the pictures please you !

Does this inspire you enough to spend a day in Annecy? 
Till next time , CIAO!


  1. The place is really very beautiful :)

  2. Such a wonderful place. Loved it.

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