The Piscean speaks

Ever drowned yourself in the maze of Zodiac? I have known my zodiac sign since the earliest times I can recall because my mother relied heavily on zodiac traits. My creativity comes from the fact that I am a piscean but not to forget the creative genes from the mother. So i put some of my skills to use in these shots.

The fact that I am dreamy and live in my own world is also what the zodiac sign represents- a dreamy happy fish. Perhaps this is my most favourite trait because I believe anything and everything is possible. I don't give up . Positivity comes easy to me but it is after a constant battle in my mind where the positive fairy wins all the time.

The empathetic trait drowns me in sorrow sometimes because the misery around makes me absorb it and feel terrible about the situation and constantly so. Pisceans tend to absorb the sorrow and hence make for good healers. But in turn , they suffer internally as they have exchanged sorrow for smiles. This is the most challenging trait and to balance this is a battle in itself.

Pisceans are painfully shy; I have always been. But I had to learn the ways of the world. I constantly want to undo this trait. Its so inherent , i have to push myself out of the comfort zone. But there, its happening gradually!

Pisceans are the kindest and truest of friends and can do anything to make the friend feel better . Well, this trait is lovely to have and as a child I must have exhausted myself in friendships that were meant for selfish motives and I came out stronger. Every trait has its pros and cons. Isn't it?

Do you identify with the traits of your zodiac sign? Happy to know in the comments box.

Jumpsuit: ZARA
Tie-up Choker: ( Please don't laugh. Its the drawstring from my old shorts :D)
Earrings: KAZO
Sandals: Nine West

Till next time, CIAO!


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