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Happy Valentine's day people!
While the indian media will be divided on how and why this day is observed in India, i believe life is too short to contemplate especially when it comes to LOVE!

I have never overly obsessed over this day in my life, and by obsess i mean i didn't set unrealistic expectations . I would be happy if i got those secret flowers and not sad if i didn't.

At times, i also thought, why only girls think of receiving gifts and flowers, even the boys will be  delighted if someone gifted them. But thats not how love is supposed to function for most of the populace.

The guy's gotta play the first innings. But luckily, more and more girls have taken charge and love to start the match- lucky men, right! And i think its absolutely fair.

Its funny that days like Valentine's celebrating LOVE ,are more popular when we actually don't understand love- in the teenage years. As we grow, the meaning of love gradually takes shape and now we know its more than just a day when you say I LOVE YOU!

Making your partner feel good isn't about flowers or gifts , though if they matter to your partner you should definitely use these to bail yourself out of difficult situations :D . Otherwise, the department of love functions on a heady dose of respect, acceptance, care, kindness and everything else in between. This makes up LOVE! So tell me whats in your bouquet for your favourite person? All of this or red roses ;) I sure have some red dresses thrown in for myself. Take a dekko!

Dress- C/o French Connection| Tiered Tassel earrings- Colaba causeway for Rs.120 | bejewelled hairband- ZARA sale at Rs.390 | Heels- Charles & Keith ( From a secret sale for Rs.1500| Watch- Daniel Wellington- Use Code - ILA for a 15% off if you are yet to get yourself a DW Watch!

Till next time, CIAO!


  1. Nice post Ila.. Very true that these days girls have taken a step forward to show their love before men do.. I do not observe this valentine day specially. To me its yet another day filled with love, acceptance, care, affection towards anybody and everybody.
    Nice costume and good click. whenever i see a flea market studd, it reminds me of my flea market shopping with you wishlist.wish it happens one day.. :) Good day!

  2. Wow really true love ,love isn't only about gifting roses and valuable gifts ,its connection between two souls,love reading ur article dear

  3. Yup Ila, Love between the Lovebirds is a great understanding of each other and empathy for each other. Love is mutual co-operation towards each other. Romantic Lovebirds need not necessarily gift each other flowers,gold, etc..., but they definitely have to feel comfortable with each other and should never cut each others wings to achieve their individual heights.


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