{ F.A.S.H.I.O.N } Bon Sens

We have always agreed with the idea of a crisp white shirt & Blue denims being the ultimate Combination ever - almost as if it were "Fashion"-common sense.

Turns out- common sense ( Bon Sens is french for common sense) is just not common.
It looks like a harmless word , but in reality it may lead to wrong decisions.

For example, I expect a certain behaviour from a certain someone because its "common sense" but end up being completely surprised in reality. The fact is common sense stems from our personal experience and every person has different experiences. On the basis of this experience -derived common sense , i make certain assumptions about the person and end up being disappointed when their reaction deviates from what i expected. And then i make another assumption - " This person lacks common sense" and there i go totally wrong ! Because -  who has ever defined common sense or its limitations !

And so, I think its best not to assume and concur basis our own "common sense " to judge anyone. A healthy discussion is all it takes to hear everyones views and understand that every person is unique and hence has a Unique common sense - Ironic much ;)

But we all agree on the "White shirt + Blue denim" combination right ? :D

Oh, but its not white here - its cream. I try to mix a lot of 80s elements these days  .  Those Matte gold earrings and  gold buttons on my blouse add the vintage touch ! These were the same gold buttons i used to cringe at when my mom would make me wear tops with these :D . How choices change! I wouldn't be surprised if decades down the line i go back to that phase! Anyhow,  I thought it'd be nice to do a super relatable and super "common" look on the blog which most of you can wear with a twist of your own ! So how will you accessorise this look??? Always happy to hear more from you <3 p="">

Blouse, Denim, Earrings, Leather pumps - All ZARA | Leather Purse- From Dharavi market ,Mumbai | Watch- Daniel Wellington 

<> Photography - SLRPHOTOSA <>

Till next time , CIAO.

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