{ F.A.S.H.I.O.N } The Bohemian Diwali- A series of Self-portraits


9 months into the pandemic and we've all found our own tricks to work from home. While i have been majorly creating content from home since 2 + years , i used to travel for shoots, trend discovery, brand events/meetings for my work . While most of my work is stitched end to end by me - the added responsibility of being my own photographer 24x7 has been exciting yet challenging at the same time  ! Shooting in the 4 walls of my Mumbai apartment , not a challenge i don't like ,even though there's just 2-3 walls as backdrops . For the first 6-7 months, most sunlight filtered through my bedroom- now you know why my instagram feed is full of bedroom shots! With the sudden change in weather post Dussehra, the lights changed their way! They now shine in full glory in the drawing room. Which means i have now shifted my shoot backdrop to the drawing room!I am literally dancing to the tunes of mother nature till i invest in artificial light . I am not sure what is stopping me but sunlight has to be my most favourite filter ever. This entire series of course is shot in the new backdrop which is my drawing room with my camera resting on the dining table ! I know , i am beginning to sound very "Jugaadu"- but thats me! Yet to add a full-length tripod too! 

While i do this, I have come across so many young girls on the gram who are nailing the self-portrait game! Who knew it would become a fad ! This year has brought in a lot of learnings and unexpected trends for sure! 

I hope you enjoy this festive series - All too bohemian, easy to wear and Re-wear! For the first two looks , I have styled a skirt which first made appearance on the blog in 2015. You can read about it in this post! 

I still remember how head over heels i was over this skirt which came as a set. It was expensive then but right now i can only say it was totally worth it. The number of re-wear looks i can do with it is endless! If you build a wardrobe with solid colors, they continue to look unique - because unlike prints , they don't end up easily in the human memory ! To everyone looking for sustainable options, remember that an outfit with maximum re-wears qualifies too! I don't see myself parting with this one for sure!  

Look 1: I paired the skirt with this structured sleeve zara blouse ! Puffed sleeves and a structured shoulder add the necessary drama without the frills! You could wear a choker or style with an embroidered bib necklace like i did- this one from PROMOD. They did some really amazing accessories earlier! You could even wear this outfit to a sangeeta if you are to attend one during this lockdown- stay safe!

Look 2: This is my favourite look because of the accessory overload and the fluid dupatta layered with the skirt . The skirt has a zipper and a hook and hence it looks pretty neat up there! If it had an elastic, the look would've been a bit fluffy. The duppata is special - its part of the anarkali set which i wore for my Roka / Bata Pakki ceremony 8 years ago! Me and Nikunj had a crazy time selecting the kurta visiting every market in Bombay! Over 10,000 visits and then we ended up liking this one! The bangle with the green stone is from 3 years ago . I got it from Maheshwar- the birthplace of Maheshwari silk sarees and a favourite Bollywood shoot location for a lot of aesthetic movies like Bajirao Mastani and Kalank. I spent a great deal of time haggling with the seller who sold this bangle at the ghats. He said this was elephant tusk ! Its banned due to animal cruelty and yet these people think they can fool people! Its quite a statement though! Now, the sterling silver nose- pin and the neckpiece are from FAB-INDIA and this is part of my lockdown sale steal this month! I have never worn a nose pin and this was just to experiment. Not a very comfortable accessory but certainly worked well with my theme! The white metal bag is from Udaipur which was bought in November end last year! It was an expensive street buy but looking at the quality , i think it was totally worth it!  What do you think of this look? 

Till next time, CIAO! 


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