{REVIEW} BATA: Hail the Shoemaker to the world!

Every school going kid knows Bata. For most of us, our love affair with the 120 year old brand started with our school shoes- Oh how we hated school then! But the delight of buying new shoes each time we outgrew the previous, was such joy!

BATA , as few would know was founded in Czechoslovakia in 1894 by three siblings. On the occassion of their 120th anniversary, BATA has released founder Tomas Bata's audio biography for free public viewership. Also available on google books,the history of Bata will intrigue you. Read more here.

On my trip to Italy, I was astonished to see the huge BATA hoardings across various cities. BATA's drool-worthy italian designs also made me wonder why we couldn't have those stylish footwear in India. When I was invited to visit the flagship BATA store at Thane's Viviana Mall, I felt like Alice in shoe-land.Its gigantic and has the most stylish pairs to choose from. You can get lost in this huge store, and there's more than something for everyone in ASIA's largest BATA store! I spent 4 hours just looking at the women's section and trying the shoes styles. From award-winning bio-degradable beauties to the recently launched pure leather cushioned pumps, twinkly ballerinas and sexy heels, BATA has it all!


-SUNGLASSES from Marie Claire/North Star
-LEGGINGS from Marie Claire
-BAGS from Bata/Marie Claire/Hush Puppies
-SCARVES from Marie Claire
-BELTS from Marie Claire
-SHOE-CARE - A plethora of shoe care products , to care for your prized possessions

In the pictures below, I am only wearing BATA except for my top/trousers/neck-piece. See how the BATA accessories take me from Ms.Nobody to Ms.Fashionista!

Sunglasses,Scarf,Bag,footwear,Belt : ALL BATA

Sunglasses,Scarf,Bag,footwear,Belt : ALL BATA

Sunglasses,Scarf,Bag,footwear,Belt : ALL BATA

Sunglasses,Scarf,Bag,footwear,Belt : ALL BATA

Sunglasses,Bag,footwear,Belt : ALL BATA

Photos by : Surabhi

Which Look is your favorite?
Would you like to see more of  BATA? 


  1. Ooo..this is super stuff! I need to visit Bata soon :shopping: :yay:

    1. Yes, Bhumika! You must absolutely visit this BATA store at Viviana! Happy shopping :)

  2. OMG! Love the hair do, Looking so pretty Ila :D

    1. Aww Thanks Shanaya. Glad you love the hair. I had trouble making them stay put!


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