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Few days ago, I got a call from my old friend who used to study with me in school and was a very good friend. We became pen friends after she left for a different city. We talked for hours laughing at all the silly letters we wrote to each other. We used to share our photos with each other showing our new toys and new books in those postal exchanges. Sometimes, we even shared newspaper cutouts showing what we want to try next- I once sent her a cutout of some cream biscuit brand I badly wanted to try!
We just said it almost at once- Lets write back again!
Excited about the idea of writing through postal exchanges again, I went to the photo-studio after what seemed like ages and asked the guy to customize a postcard for me with a photo. That was from my birthday when I was 10. Sounds old right? But that was the only picture I had of hers. I wanted to write to her on that custom postcard.
She received it and was delighted, while I patiently waited for hers to arrive. I came home to this huge A4 size envelope. God! I couldn’t be more happy, thinking of all the things it contained. I opened it and saw my poster size photo from the blog - Khoobsurat moments. She signed below, FRAME IT!
P.S : I also want khoobsurat hair like you, coloring my hair with casting crème gloss tomorrow .Your Khoobsurat friend, xxxx.


  1. ohh how cute !!
    Now a days connecting through postcards gives immense joy !


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