Top 5 things to do in VIENNA {TRAVEL}

Vienna is a visual treat beyond words.The City of Music- it was home to World-famous artists of all times Beethoven,Mozart, Brahms and many more.Lined with Operas ,the city's architecture is so detailed and exquisite . No other city would have every single building so uniquely designed. Frescos on building exteriors is a rare sight and you find it in Vienna. Baroque elements and excessive adornments are a typical feature. It was so diffucult to skip even a single unkown building in the Ringstrasse, the historic centre of Vienna. I could spend hours gazing at them.

These are my top 5 attractions you shouldn't miss while you are in Vienna:

1. Take the TRAM and travel across the city centre. Hop off at every stop , cherish the beauty around and Hop in. There is no better way to enjoy the architecture than this.

I Prefer these old wooden make trams as compared to the new flashy ones!

2. Visit the Schonbrunn palace and the gardens.  This is a no-brainer. No itinerary will ever skip this noteworthy place.Neither would I . I can't help but mention how magnificent the Schonbrunn palace area is. The gorgeously decorated rooms preserved in excellent condition,the gardens and the legend of the Queen's beauty will enthrall you .The Gorgeous Highness Empress Elizabeth fondly known as Sisi stood at 5"8 tall & wore her thick heel-length hair, with pride taking 2-3 hours everyday to comb and dress them! She exercised an equal number of hours to maintain her slender 50kg frame.Her wardrobe was lust-worthy. Those ball-gowns look like a piece of art. Look at her original photos here, I bet you will scour the internet to know more about her. They have a SiSi museum too with about 300 exhibits from her life. But i skipped it as I thought the price was high. But I still repent that I skipped it. Notes to self: More Research needed before visiting Royal establishments. NOTE: Please wear good walking shoes as the ground is graveled and extreme flats might hurt your feet. This is a huge complex and a lot of walking is required. WARNING: You might be tempted to visit this again the other day, such is the grandeur!

3. While you Visit Schonbrunn palace, stop for your lunch at their cafe restaurant RESIDENZ. Gorgeous desserts, delectable coffees ,gourmet salads, almost everything on the menu is a gastronomic delight. Priced moderately as per Viennese standards, you cannot miss this. Beneath the cafe you can find Court Backery where you can sample the fresh Viennese apple strudel .

3. Taste the culinary delights across the city which say "Falafel" . These people are fond of Turkish and lebanese cuisine and you will find those PERFECT falafels in Vienna. I could live on them day and night!

4. Visit The Belvedare palace

After the mesmerizing experience of Schonbrunn, one is so overwhelmed, one might believe there is no better royal setup than this, which might be partly true. However, one cannot ignore the humble Belvedere palace which is not as huge , but certainly has much beautiful exteriors, the camera doesn't seem to do justice. Relax in the gardens and absorb the beauty.

See how huge those gates actually are. They don't seem so in the 1st picture above!

This palace is a striking example of BAROQUE architecture

5. Visit the famous Zentralfriedhof cemetry

Vienna is home to more than 50 cemeteries, I read. Phew! Why would someone visit a cemetery, you ask? This cemetery was designed by famous architects and the tombs are almost monumental in nature. I could never image a grave constructed like a little temple of sorts! After walking a few kms in the 2.4SqKm area, I was spooked out . There was hardly anyone around , and the sound of tree leaves hissing in the autumn winds was apparent. This place houses more than 3 million graves and has a section dedicated to burials of great musicians BEETHOVEN,MOZART,BRAHMS and the like. Wow, I never knew I would be standing next to them!
Large monumental graves....Surprising isn't it?

Ya, thats Beethoven right under!

MOZART's grave

Coz some people can be insanely happy even around wandering souls....

Let your soul wander, plan your next travel!


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