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Hello Guys!

The weekend was spent writing hours and hours for the blog. I was compiling the wonderful moments from my trip to Vienna, Austria last year. I remember how on the 2nd day of my trip I had a bad hair day, thanks to the chilly weather , (5 degrees!!! ) and no hair dryer! My hair doesn't stand more than 2 days after hair wash. It turns oily and sticky. I felt almost dejected that my photographs wouldn't turn out well and my travel journal would look crappy! And it did! Bleh!

Yesterday, I was suddenly invited to an event and I was an hour away from it!
It was like a de ja vu! I was disappointed as I hadn't washed my hair for 2 days. I looked into the mirror. And I looked into the mirror again. I ruffled my hair in disbelief. Who would believe my hair were as behaved as the day I washed them? Its the humid Mumbai weather and the hair looks happy and shiny! Not sticky!

Ok. Miracles do happen. I breathed a sigh of relief. Did a little happy jig. Combed my hair and put on the moist mat lippie. The Casting Creme Gloss from L'oreal Paris has done the trick. Where were you all these days?

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  1. iluuuuuuu.. You sexy thing! The hair colour looks great on you! :) :*

    1. Thing :O :O ....Hehe...thanks darling <3<3 Am i to mention its inherited from my sexier friends :D

  2. Hey!! your hair look really nice!!
    We all do that - ruffle hair to check whether it needs a wash :P
    Which are their normal shampoos without colouring that have the same effect? :-)


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