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The sun is blazing hot as I write in an open cafe. The open cafe though, is a state of mind, while I write inside the comfort of my living room. No cup of coffee, no people walking in, but its an open cafe, where I feel creative and at peace.

Don't worry, thats how Murakami got to me, and I spread the abstract carpet, so you could walk in with a faint degree of delusion . And btw, Happy Fool's day! Kesar by no means is a recipe post, I presume you were looking for Kesar infused recipes and landed on this page somehow . Never mind.

This blazing Kesar/saffron Kurta ignited with mysterious colours as we shot in the evening sun and I tirelessly wiped all the sweat dripping due to the humid air. Kesar (Saffron in hindi) is an exquisite spice used only in special culinary delicacies and on special occasions. if you love it, you know how much the sight of each strand excites! Sometimes I even count the strands of saffron in my rasmalai . (Another indian delicacy in case you haven't tried)  We all have funny habits, don't we?

For a carefree soul like me, I rarely indulge in expensive ethnic clothing. I reserve it for "special occasions" . This one is for a wedding , which is not planned as I write,  but I needed a reason to pin this into my wardrobe. Saffron is the colour , me and my mother always thought would complement my brown complexion. I had a saffron sari from the wedding too! I love the silhouette of this one and the drama created with volume.

When I speak of sarees, kurtas, its so not me. Its like I am possessed to actually buy or wear one of these! I cannot wear these beyond a few hours, I am the happiest in a pair of shorts. But you know what-I love voluminous silhouettes. And when i see them, I almost dance like a little girl - and make them mine, once in a blue moon.  (Wipes off more sweat from the dancing...Open cafe you know!)

Till Next time, CIAO!

Photography- Shashi Shekhar Kashyap. Stalk his work-here
Concept and photo Edits - Me


  1. Saffron is one of the vibrant colour. I love this colour so much.it specially complements a dusky skin tone like mine. I even bought my wedding saree of saffron colour :) and yeah, it looks pretty on you :)

  2. This post is magical...sheer beauty.

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