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Hello beautiful people

I am back to India and what better than a style post with indian wear to start this new innings. 
As much as i missed the wonderful Indian spices, i missed the overflowing cloth markets! 

In countries outside india, malls are the only places where you get clothes. Its only in India that we have such a huge variety of locally made clothes, fleamarkets , fashion boutiques and the likes! 

Whenever i did see designer pop-ups in South africa , the clothes made from cotton were at a premium. We don't realise how we take our lovingly cultivated cotton for granted which otherwise comes at a premium price tag in other countries. Its because we live in abundance ! 

Synthetic fabrics are everywhere and easy to work with , but the real gems are these handwoven fabrics. India not only has an abundance of cotton,  but also skilled weavers who create wearable  melodies out of them . 
Putting their work on the forefront and creating slow fashion pieces you'll treasure is what i love most about JUANITA

Just about everything she creates is simple yet regal . As always she picked this Khadi linen Kurta from her latest collection and it was a surprise until it reached me. Those who have been following me for a while know that i wear indian styles only on festive occasions , but Juanita makes me fall in love with Indian-wear irrespective of occasions ! Remember the chanderi silk suit? See here if you haven't. 

I have cinched this burgundy Kurta at the waist with a belt and i totally love this silhouette . The pants look regal in their Bananas silk weave and i can totally see myself wearing them with a white blouse too!  I have not worn any statement pieces in this look because the statement sleeves and the silk pants are a statement in themselves ! 
When you wear a Juanita , everything looks effortlessly chic ! Hope you love the look as much as i did !Also , can you tell I shot this in a funny 13 degree weather with a strong sun! 

Location - Pretville, Hartbeespoort , South africa 
Shot by Nik on my Sony RX100Miii

Till next time, CIAO! 


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