{ F.A.S.H.I.O.N } Twirling in the 1950s

Hello beautiful people!

When Shubdha sent me this dress as part of her new Sustainable collection ,  it was a surprise again !
And what a brilliant surprise- this dress screamed retro with an indian twist  .You know my love for all things retro!  I never leave an opportunity to create something that opens an old time capsule . So while i did my research , I came across this article on the evolution of women's dressing and this style was very 1950s indeed,  except that it had Indian elements like the Angarkha Neck and dainty floral embroidery- such a delight  .

And so began the task of searching a retro location and what better than a Movie set which was made to mimick the 1950s ! This set was made for a movie and is now open to public on weekends ! Oh google, how I love you ! About an hour's drive from Johannesburg , this makes for a great photo location . However, there is nothing to do here except take pictures. Its a really small set and houses a cafe with milkshakes. If you happen to go here for a shoot, you can go to Harteebeespoort town next door to enjoy the dam as well as visit the cafes around!

This was my last shoot in South Africa and it was a bitter sweet moment ! I was in pain due to lower back issues, the skin virus that still hasn't left and the task of shifting countries again! Nonetheless , the show must go on ! And this dress,  uplifted my mood as you can see  . I finally smiled because this dress was such a joy  - cosy organic cotton layers and that fabulous flare - Enjoy the pictures.  And no matter which part of the world you are reading from , Juanita ships worldwide. Isn't that awesome! NOW NOW, if you did read till here, I have to give you a BIG BIG HUG and air kisses because , i think the world of blogging with words is becoming passe. Tell me what do you think ?

Do you think i should continue to write along with my pictures or just put pictures on the blog? Its easy for me because writing can take more energy than a shoot sometimes  ! And if you answer this question in the comments and have read till here - YOU KNOW YOU ARE MY FAVOURITE <3 p="">
DRESS: JUANITA | Belt - Madame | Shoes - Zara | Bag- Accessorize | Hairclip- Chinatown , johannesburg 

Shot by NIK on my SONY RX100Miii

Till next time CIAO!


  1. This looks like such a fun shoot. It's a beautiful skirt!

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

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