{ REVIEW } Did you Peppertap?

She hated being home on holidays or even weekends.

Mom: Come let’s buy grocery. Dad: I need my cola refill, will you get it please?

Bro: Umm, I have a real urgent party to attend; can you get me that deo you got last time, please?

Why me? She would whine! And then she saw “PEPPERTAP” while browsing the App-store on her

mobile phone.

She quickly went to the FAQ section.

-          Free delivery on orders over 250!

-          Rs.50 on orders lesser than that!

A few liters of Cola guzzled by the dad and those veggies Mommie adds, 250 wasn’t even 1/4th their

grocery spend, she thought ! Also, the brother couldn’t cheat her with her pocket money anymore!

There is cash on delivery! Yoohoo!

And Dad’s Sodexo coupon can be used now ! OMG! How cool is that! Her Mom gets picky with the

veggies, so this could be tricky! But then, Peppertap allows returns at the time of delivery! It’s like the

store coming home!

But oh, bro wants to head out to a party tonight. When does the order arrive? Under 2 hours!!! This is

unreal , she screamed as she went

Cclicking on all the grocery items she could think of without even referring to the grocery list mommie

painfully made every single week!!!

This weekend was different. And holds a promise for better weekends!

And days when she’ s at work, she could schedule the delivery as per her schedule!

And what if something goes wrong, she decided to pin their 9am to 9pm helpline on their kitchen

calendar! Voila!!!

 In the next 1 hour the house was covered in bags – Grocery, Colas and Deo! Check the app and be surprised!

She’s now an angel who doesn’t whine, just Peppertaps!

P.S I'm flying to a fun 2 week vacation tonight! See you from the other part of the world.


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